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Slugmaker Ammo6 | HDR.68 | Magfeed Gun | DIY cal.68 | first strike mold

Slugmaker Ammo6 | HDR.68 | Magfeed Gun | DIY cal.68 | first strike mold

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Create your own ammunition according to your taste!

Details | Improvement:

  • flexible Ammo6 V9 spiral ammunition mold for 21 bullets
  • Ammunition diameter 17,3mm
  • Material: 2K high temperature silicone, stable up to 250 degrees temperature
  • no lubricant to make the ammunition
  • Put the desired steel ball and hot glue / polyurethane / epoxy into the mold and let it harden
  • easily remove the finished ammunition by "popping out"
  • Due to the shape, high performance increase of up to 30 joules

Due to the conical shape and the adapted weight as well as the inclined grooves in the rear area of ​​the bullet, it is set into a rapid longitudinal rotation when fired.

Perfect fit in the HDR.68 and Magfeed Gun.

                  Do you have any questions or other concerns? Then feel free to contact us! See other auction for more interesting items for the HDR 50, HDS 68 and SG 68 !!!

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