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T4E Specials IBERIA

STTi HDP50 Paintball Carabiner Kit | T4E Specials IBERIA

STTi HDP50 Paintball Carabiner Kit | T4E Specials IBERIA

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STTi's SMG Conversion Kit for the UMAREX HDP50 paintball gun changes the standard marker into a complete Sub Machine Gun!

...and without compromise with everything that goes with it. Due to the well thought-out design, thanks to T4E Specials-IBERIA, any HDP50 pistol can be used in this kit.

More deets:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: polymer plastic / aluminum
  • Manufacturer: STTi
  • Conversion: T4E Specials-IBERIA

Scope of delivery (picture 3):

  • bodykit
  • + Speedloader for 3-4 roundballs
  • + Foldable front handle
  • + 2 flip-up visors

Download instruction manual

Now I'm sure you can say I can get the conversion kit cheaper anywhere on the internet. Sure, but your HDP50 won't fit! We are converting the STTi conversion KIT exclusively for the HDP50 to a plug & play kit with an additional integrated speed loader with a total shot capacity of up to 10 roundballs.

The set includes an adapter specially developed by us, which means that the HDP50 pistol can be used with and without a tuning barrel with the kit. The pistol can also be used with just the adapter and without the actual conversion kit. This can then be used like a kind of front grip. The look is then somewhat reminiscent of the well-known M93R pistols.

If the pistol is inserted into the conversion kit and fastened with a screw, the result is a full-fledged SMG. As with a standard carbine, there is a sliding stock with three locking points at the rear. The butt plate is made of composite plastic with grooves on the rear. STTi used aluminum for the linkage. However, the butt plate can be exchanged for an AE ButtStock (not included)! Thus, every commercially available shoulder rest can be attached! A QD carrying strap mount can be used in the rear area on the left and right (not included).

A practical and approx. 325 mm long 21mm rail runs on the top to be able to mount a target device. The three 21 mm rails in the front area of ​​the conversion kit (below / on the side) ensure that additional attachments can be attached, e.g. B. the supplied front handle. The front strap holder can be attached to the left or right. The conversion kit is therefore suitable for both left and right-handed shooters.


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