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Powerkit.50 PIN for HDR50 | GOLD ANODIZED | T4E | TR50 and NXG PS-100 | 11j +16 joules

Powerkit.50 PIN for HDR50 | GOLD ANODIZED | T4E | TR50 and NXG PS-100 | 11j +16 joules

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We supply the best quality and durability.

There is a lot of time and know-how behind our articles, which has been copied for a short time. Furthermore, we are portrayed badly, rated negatively, obviously sold quantities are manipulated, texts are copied and you are thus deceived. Please do not support this! With us, every sale goes into the development of new products !!

Details | Improvement:

  • 2mm shorter!
  • Material: Aluminum/stoneware
  • Increases the power to over 16 joules! *
  • longer valve opening time, larger gas volume
  • reduced cool down effect
  • safe assembly and high durability 
  • Valve pin made of aluminum for better sliding and protection of the sealing ring

* temperature dependent

Set includes:

1x valve pin

Attention strong increase in performance! Not suitable for paintball.

The acquisition and possession of this export valve is free, installation is prohibited in Germany due to the increase in performance and leads to the loss of warranty claims. 


Since Co2 is very dependent on temperature, we recommend storing the Co2 capsules at room temperature, as the Co2 expands and the pressure increases!


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