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T4E Specials IBERIA

HDP50 CAA Paintball Carabiner Kit | T4E Specials IBERIA

HDP50 CAA Paintball Carabiner Kit | T4E Specials IBERIA

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Fully licensed replica of the RONI Carbine Conversion Kit!

More deets:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: polymer plastic / aluminum
  • Manufacturer: CAA Airsoft Division
  • Conversion: T4E-Specials-Iberia

Scope of delivery (picture 4):

  • Body kit
  • + Speedloader for 6 roundballs
  • + Foldable front handle
  • + 2 flip-up visors

Download instruction manual

The RONI Conversion Kit from CAA Airsoft Division turns a standard UMAREX HDP50 paintball pistol into a complete SMG carabiner with everything that goes with it. The conversion is so easy that no tools are required. Simply pull out two pins by hand - flip up one side of the kit - insert gun and snap pins back into place. A standard pistol has already become a "pistol carbine".

Now I'm sure you're saying I can get the conversion kit cheaper anywhere on the net. Sure, but your HDP50 won't fit! We are converting the RONI conversion KIT exclusively for the HDP50 to a plug & play kit with an additional integrated speed loader with a total shooting capacity of 12 roundballs.

As with a standard carbine, the conversion kit is equipped with a 5-fold extendable stock so that the shooter can adapt the pistol carbine perfectly. The shaft is also equipped with a 2-cartridge holder, which enables faster reloading. Furthermore, the cheek rest can be adjusted by one centimeter in height. Above the carbine is a 23cm long 21mm aluminum rail on which two CAA flip-up sights have already been attached ex works. These can be moved or removed as you wish. Aluminum rails are mounted on the left / right at the front and a short 21mm rail at the bottom. The lower one is already equipped with a foldable front handle. The large flash hider on the front is made of durable aluminum while most of the rest is made of durable polymer plastic, like the original.

Thanks to the CAA Airsoft Division license, all original markings are present and neatly incorporated.

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