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Bullets KING PIN BODKIN | approx. 68 | HomeDefence-24 SPECIAL

Bullets KING PIN BODKIN | approx. 68 | HomeDefence-24 SPECIAL

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In cooperation with our partner Hardcore Bullets we offer you the Bullet's KING PIN with Joerg Sprave's BODKIN tip !

  • Developed and tested for the Umarex HDS 68 & Cam 870 /Shells
  • Perfect precision
  • Caliber.68
  • very stable, hard plastic with steel tip
  • no residue in the barrel
  • All projectiles 100% the same as CNC production
  • Perfectly suited as practice ammunition
  • suitable for the Umarex T4E HDS 68 and for three shells of the APS CAM 870


  • Before shipping, each component is checked for quality
  • Top sellers with top ratings
  • Made in Germany


  • 10 pieces
  • GLS or DHL
  • including insurance

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